"You can dine out, or you can dine at The Coachman"

Our Favourite Dishes

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    Mixed Berry Baked Cheese Cake

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    Grilled Sole

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    Irish Coffee

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    Prawn Cocktail

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    Lamb shank

  • Welcome

    dawn george

    The Coachman prides itself in being the first restaurant in Port Elizabeth to list calamari on its menu.

    A further noticeable and appreciated pleasure for all loyal patrons of George and Dawn, is the personal attendance of the Castis family. It's a 'hands on' operation and personal attention given by George and Dawn making every visit to the Coachman, memorable. 

    Stin iyia sou- to your health!

    George and Dawn warmly thank you for your patronage and are proud to continue the tradition. "It has been very humbling and touching to welcome back so many of my customers of 30 years ago! It gives us a warm glow to serve our loyal patrons yet again.
    Dawn and I thank you."